Discuss The Recommendations You Would Give The Mother

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Discuss The Recommendations You Would Give The Mother

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There are many assessments that would need to be made to ensure the baby is growing properly. The developmental markers are physical, communicational, emotional and cognitive (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). From the given information, the nine-month-old girl is 68.5 cm in length (25th percentile), weighs 6.75 kg (5th percentile), and head circumference is 43 cm (25th percentile). The average weight of a 9-month-old female infant is 8 to 8.6 kg, length 68.5 to 71 cm and head circumference around 44 cm (center for this is control and prevention, 2020). So, the child is under weight. Other physical markers include the nine-month-old girl is being able to complete tasks such as crawling, sitting without support, pulling self to standing, stands while holding a support, and making stepping motions (Green, 2018). Understanding of the word no, makes sounds such as mama call my dada, coping sounds and using fingers to point are typical communication for a nine-month-old. Emotional markers include being afraid of strangers, being clinging to familiar people, and having favorite toys. A 9-month-old with normal development in cognition will watch the path of falling items, looks for others when they hide, plays peek-a-boo, put things in mouth, most things from one hand to the other smoothly, and is able to pick up small items between thumb and index finger. Another developmental marker is assessing dental health and impact of teething.

Recommendations to the mother mainly depend on the answers to the developmental questions. Assessment of nutritional intake would be a key to understanding why the child is lacking in weight. It is good to go over the infant’s feeding schedule, and also assessing if the mother is breastfeeding or not. If the mother is breastfeeding, it would be important to recommend foods that are nutritious for the baby and ensuring she is feeding often enough and producing enough milk. By the age the child can eat small pieces of more solid foods such as crackers cooked vegetables and more. It is also possible to suggest items to ease the child’s teething pain such as a frozen teething ring or cool soft foods. Ensuring proper diet and care for the child are very important to maintain overall health and wellness.


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