Disc post 2 replies with references

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Disc post 2 replies with references

Nursing homework help

1. As the article states, traditional marketing is becoming more of a passive way to reach consumers than digital marketing. Digital marketing gives customers a more engaging way to reach information about the company and what you stand for. Using a mix of traditional and digital marketing can lead to a greater audience then by just using one method by itself. Each individual is different and has different interests and needs, a healthcare facility must appeal to the majority of these people in an effort to have more patient choose their facility. Digital marketing can be used to reach a greater number of people then traditional marketing, an estimated 76 percent of people use Facebook to find interesting content, and over 79 percent of adult internet users are spending time on Facebook. While traditional marketing still appeals to many consumers crossing those traditional ideas over into the digital world could open the opportunities to reach a greater number of potential patients. Additionally, your facility needs to create a user friendly website, most patients begin their encounter with a new facility by looking them up online. Having a user friendly website that welcomes them to their patient experience and allows them to easily access the information they need will show them that this facility is where they want to entrust with their healthcare options (Pierret, J.,2017). When it is all said and done both traditional and digital marketing reach different audiences, there needs to be a mix of the two and bring the traditional ideas into to the social media to reach more people and give them user friends options to search your facility to gain further information.

2. The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that digital marketing uses the internet and traditional uses television, radio, billboards etc. The digital marketing appeals to people that use social media and the internet. Healthcare organizations can create a page on Facebook, Twitter, or advertise on other platforms. The young and middle aged utilize the internet and social media more often than most people over 50. The traditional marketing can reach more of the people over 50. Many people over 50 still watch television and some even read the newspapers that are still available.

The internet and social media advertising can reach customers all over the world. This would help healthcare organizations to reach potential customers on a global scale. Medical organizations can reach more people using digital marketing. People can google search a medical organization and find several according to the parameters that they set in their search. The traditional form of marketing is focused on the region that the television commercial is shown or the area that the billboard is located in. The traditional marketing is more focused on potential customers in certain geographical regions.

The positive in digital marketing is that more people can be reached in multiple regions. The negative is that you can’t customize the focus for the people in a specific region because it covers so much area. The positive with the traditional marketing is that it is more focused in a set region and the marketing can be customized to the people’s needs in that region.