Develop a quality charter

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Develop a quality charter

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This week, you will develop a quality assurance and continuous improvement charter for a quality improvement effort that you are championing in the organization that you manage. The major effort your organization is trying to address is fall incidents in healthcare facilities. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your 1) competency in recognizing issues and potential failure points across a healthcare service delivery operation, and 2) ability to provide structure and process for addressing the issues and potential failure points highlighted in your organization.

Ensure that the charter developed includes:

  1. A problem statement
  2. A purpose statement
  3. Project team members and their roles
  4. Stakeholders
  5. Scope

Length: 2-3 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 2 credible resources, one of which must be scholarly and peer-reviewed.

Your assignment should reflect scholarly academic writing, current APA standards, and adhere to University’s Academic Integrity Policy.


Leadership by Example : Coordinating Government Roles in Improving Health Care Quality

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The Healthcare Quality Book : Vision, Strategy, and Tools

Read Chapter 1: Healthcare Quality and the Patient (Required)

Medicaid. (2018). Quality of care patient safety.PDF document