Dental related administrative skills and related management process 1

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Dental related administrative skills and related management process 1

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Debate the value of administrative skills and related management processes to effective healthcare practice.

Course Outcomes:

HS290-4: Execute administrative skills and management processes within the interdisciplinary health care field.

GEL-8.02: Apply critical thinking to use principles of sound reasoning.

Before you begin your Assignment watch a brief introduction video. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.


Apply four administrative skills and their related management processes to the practice of a dental clinic. Include a self-assessment of your administrative and management skills strengths and challenges. An actual or hypothetical situation may be used as an example. Any actual situation should be presented as a hypothetical one, with any names and other identifying information changed to protect anonymity.

Identify a problem in your example situation. Apply principles of sound reasoning to analyze design solutions, and examine/select potential solutions to the example problem.

For the purposes of this Assignment, “administration” does not refer to its medical definition, e.g., administering medications or administering an injection. It refers to organization, office processes, supervision, and management.

Training categories that may apply to this Assignment include, but are not limited to, the following: administration and supply; administrative procedures; cold chain management; disaster management; documentation, records and reports; duties and responsibilities; inspections; inventory; inventory management; maintenance management procedures; management of government properties; operations and management; preventive maintenance; principles of total quality management (TQM); recovery systems; risk management; or shelter equipment and maintenance.


The following requirements apply to this assignment:

  • 2–4 pages in length, excluding any title page, references, appendices, etc.
  • Logical flow from beginning to end to exhibit well-ordered and unified expression, with your viewpoint and purpose clearly established and sustained throughout the document.
  • Original and insightful thought.
  • Seamlessly integrate research to support your ideas on the topic.
  • Adherence to established conventions of Standard English, e.g., correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Adherence to APA formatting
  • Inclusion of a title page.
  • Inclusion of a reference page, as appropriate.
  • Save your assignment as a MS Word DOC and submit it to the assignment dropbox.

The self assessment can be in first person.

Strengths can be: active listener, people skills

Weakness can be: communication, typing, expressing my emotions

Administrative procedures examples: communication, emails, phone calls, requesting medical records, counselings