delegating as a new nurse

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delegating as a new nurse

delegating as a new nurse
delegating as a new nurse

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Delegating as a New Nurse

The title of your paper should be identical to what you placed on the title page. Type your introduction here and remove the instructions. Although the first paragraph after the paper title is the introduction, no heading labeled “Introduction” is used. Refer to your assignment instructions for the headings to be used for the body of the paper. There are additional resources located in your courses and the Chamberlain Library.

Summary of Article

As a new nurse knowing how to delegate appropriately is important to the safety of the patient.

Levels of headings will depend on the length and organization of your paper. Your paper for NR 103 should only have level 1 headings. Longer papers may require more organizational detail. See your APA Manual for additional instructions on formatting multiple levels of headings.


Papers should end with a conclusion or summary. The assignment directions will specify which is required. It should be concise and contain no new information. No matter how much space remains on the page, the references always start on a separate page (insert a page break after the conclusion so that the references will start on a new page). Also, the reflection is a continuation of the paper and is not required to be on a separate page. Remember, you can submit your paper to the Essay Review Service for feedback on grammar and/or format. This needs to be done at least by Wednesday of the week it is due for you to receive their feedback and make needed revisions prior to submitting for grading.


The reflection should be in a separate paragraph with a heading labeled “Reflection”. This is the ONLY portion of the paper that can be written in first person. It should be a continuation of the paper and not specifically placed on a separate page. The total length of the paper, including the introduction, the summary of the article, the conclusion, and the reflection should be 1-2 pages. If you include the separate title page and reference page, it should not exceed 4 pages.