Critical thinking exercises n582

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Critical thinking exercises n582

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Critical Thinking Exercises:

  • Visit a health-related website. Evaluate it using the criteria on Table 13-3 (p. 573, Bastable).
  • Consider the 10-minute lecture that you developed in the previous module. How would you revise this if delivering the content via distance methods? How would you promote student interaction. Would the evaluation methods differ?
  • Describe how the Information Age has influenced education in general, healthcare education specifically, and health care consumers.
  • Conduct a literature search and locate a scholarly article about a nursing intervention that was delivered via “telehealth.” Summarize the findings, and offer suggestions for how this research could be applicable to other patients with different disease conditions.

Professional Development:

Consider that you are a healthcare consumer newly diagnosed with a serious health problem (select a health concern of interest to you). Assume that you know very little about the condition. Conduct a Web search for information, answering the following questions:

a) Were you able to find the information you needed? If not, what was missing?

b) What conflicting information did you find?

c) Did you find any information that was upsetting or distressing?

d) Were you able to find on-line support groups or other interactive resources?

e) Having found this information, what kinds of questions or expectations would you have for the nurse at your next visit?