COMS105: Interpersonal Communications

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COMS105: Interpersonal Communications

Course Title: Interpersonal Communications

Course Code: COMS105

Section: 10

Prerequisites: There is no prerequisite for this course.

Course Description:

This course explores the importance of effective interpersonal communication. This course covers: how interpersonal communication impacts an individual, how to recognize the different methods of communication and establishing and maintaining personal and professional relationships through effective communication.

Course Information

You are at the start of an exciting exploration of interpersonal communication!

We are constantly communicating, verbally, nonverbally, face to face, and digitally. As we navigate through our day, we must consider how we are communicating based on where we are and who we are communicating with. Whether we are at work or at school, communicating effectively is a key skill in any of these situations.

In COMS105, we will explore the basic elements of interpersonal communication. Understanding how we communicate will help you to further develop your own communication skills resulting in more effective communication in all aspects of your life. You will use the communication skills you learn in this course throughout your academic journey in live chats, in a conversation with an instructor or fellow classmates, and in your major as you learn to apply these skills to communicate as a professional in your field.

Each week, you will learn about key concepts of communication and relationships in intellipath. Then we will use the Discussion Board to discuss our own experiences with communication in different aspects of our lives. You will be asked to consider how you might apply the concepts you have learned to your personal or professional life. Don’t worry you learn more about this in the weeks ahead!

By the end of the course, you will be able to recognize key concepts related to interpersonal communication, and strategies and techniques for applying these concepts to your own life. This will empower you to be an effective communicator in a variety of situations.

The knowledge gained and skills learned in this course will add to the building blocks toward graduation and your desired profession!

Course Objectives:

Describe the aspects of self-concept development and the role interpersonal communication plays in this process.

Discuss the concept that perception has in interpersonal communication.

Identify how interpersonal communication varies across different social relationship types.

Outline the five main principles of interpersonal communication.

Recognize the importance of specific interpersonal communication skills including: listening, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and conflict management skills.

Credit Hours: 4.5 credit hours