Comparison Of Board Of Nursing Regulations In Two States

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Comparison Of Board Of Nursing Regulations In Two States

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Post a comparison of at least two APRN board of nursing regulations in your state/region( Illinois board of nursing) with those of at least one other state/region (California board of nursing).

Describe how they may differ. Be specific and provide examples.

Then, explain how the regulations you selected may apply to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) who have legal authority to practice within the full scope of their education and experience.

Provide at least one example of how APRNs may adhere to the two regulations you selected.


Require reading for references

Milstead, J. A., & Short, N. M. (2019). Health policy and politics: A nurse’s guide (6th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.


Answers all parts of the discussion question(s) expectations with reflective critical analysis and synthesis of knowledge gained from the course readings for the module and current credible sources. … Supported by at least three current, credible sources. … Written clearly and concisely with no grammatical or spelling errors and fully adheres to current APA manual writing rules and style.