Clinical Decision Support System

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Clinical Decision Support System

Nursing homework help

clinical decision support system, healthcare reimbursement, health-related views and laws are shaped by social, political, and historical factors discussion

1. (100 words) How does clinical decision support system CDS fit in with the goal of rewarding “quality over quantity” in healthcare reimbursement?

2. (200 words) Provide an example of how healthcare informatics can enhance quality over quantity within the healthcare setting use evidence-based practice to support your reasoning.

3. (200 words) If the answer to lowering healthcare costs is payment based on “value over volume,” then does this favor the adoption of clinical decision support system CDS or argue against it? What is your rationale?

The United States’ health-related views and laws are shaped by social, political, and historical factors that are often part of the larger debate over individual rights versus the collective good. Based on this idea please discuss your thoughts on the following public health topics.

1. (100 words) Should childhood immunizations be mandatory or optional and why ?

2. (100 words) What are the benefits and risk associated with childhood immunizations?

3. (200 words) Should higher insurance rates or taxes be used to punish poor health choices (e.g., cigarettes, “junk” food)? Would this be unfair to individuals, or is this fair since all Americans pay a portion of the healthcare costs to care for people who make these choices?

4. (200 words) Should, in light of the current Covid-19 situation, should we be required to social distance, wear masks when we are in public, and be on lockdown when community numbers are higher?

Use APA 7th edition to support your discussion and at least three reference including the textbook