case study Knee Pain

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case study Knee Pain

case study Knee Pain
case study Knee Pain

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(Mrs. Garcia is a 45‐year‐old teacher with acute left medial knee pain triggered by a twisting movement while playing kickball. She had pain, give‐away weakness of the knee, and an audible pop and had to stop playing. The next day there was mild swelling. On examination of the seven stabilizing structures of the knee there was mild swelling, tenderness over the medial joint line, a positive Lachman test and anterior drawer sign for an ACL tear, and a positive McMurray’s test for an associated medial meniscus tear.)

1-Assess the case study (with the transcripts attached).

2- Answer the questions within the case study

· What are your diagnostic considerations at this point?

· What areas of physical examination are important in this patient?

· What are the seven mayors stabilizing structures of the knee?

· List your diagnostic considerations in order of importance and explain your rationale.

· List 5 next steps for your diagnostic workup.