Case Study: First Impressions Can Be Wrong

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Case Study: First Impressions Can Be Wrong

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Ben Baldwin, CEO of the Westside Health Consortium, summoned Rob Jameson, vice president for human resources, and Pat Collier, Chief Financial Officer, to his office. He told them, “Rob, I agree with your suggestion to change the structure of our benefits package. Pat has supplied financial data to support your suggestion. The costs for benefits continue to rise, with no end in sight. I am asking both of you to work together to develop options for a new plan to replace our existing approach that gives all employees the same benefits. I know that individual and family needs change with time. Westside must institute changes to control costs as well as to attract and retain skilled employees.”

What steps should Rob and Pat take? What suggestions would you offer to them at this point in time? Why?

Should Ben provide any additional guidance? If so, what information should he give? Why?