Case Study

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Case Study

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Menstral Cycle


A 26 yr old woman has not had menses for the past 3 months. She is not using contraception.


BMI is 28 (overweight). She has moderate acne on her face. She has an increased amount of dark hair above her lips and on her chest.

Labs: pregnancy test is negative, prolactin, FSH and thyroid tests are normal, LH and testosterone are mildly elevated

Assessment: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome causing hirsutism (increase in hair growth over body), anovulation (not ovulating), and infrequent menses


Answer the following questions based on the scenario and article above and save your responses in a Microsoft Word document. Provide a scholarly resource in APA format to support your answers.

1. Describe 3 effects of estrogen on the body.

2. Describe 3 effects of testosterone on the body.

3. Predict the consequences of not having a menses due to anovulation. Include the effect on the endometrial lining.

4. Why was a prolactin level checked? Name 2 symptoms a patient with a high prolactin level may have.

5. Research to discover, and list, 2 other problems a person with polycystic ovarian syndrome may have.