Capstone practicum assignment phase 1

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Capstone practicum assignment phase 1

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Identify a Problem, Develop a Question, and Choose a Nursing Theorist (Fall prevention in a clinical setting)


Nursing problems are often derived from an area of concern or gap in knowledge in clinical practice or theory. For completion of the clinical practicum experience, the student should address a problem or issue related to supporting health, providing care, or interacting with a variety of providers and/or patients. Observing nursing care within a clinical setting and researching current issues related to nursing and the health care profession from a peer-reviewed journal are methods of identifying problems through observation and inquiry.


Prepare a 2- to 3-page paper describing the following:

  • Identify an issue relevant to your clinical setting. (Frequent falls. 11 falls in the month of October
  • Identify the PICOT question and null hypothesis. My PICOT question is: In a high risk fall patient on a Medical-Surgical unit, how does assigning staff to sit with patients around the clock compared to hourly rounding prevents fall in the period of their hospitalization.
  • Describe the background and context of the issue.
  • Describe current evidence-based practice research surrounding the issue.
  • Identify stakeholders.
  • Summarize inherent costs to patients, healthcare organizations, healthcare providers, etc., related to this issue.
  • Summarize the ethical and legal issues surrounding this issue