Booking Health Care System Discussion

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 Booking Health Care System Discussion


I’m working on a health & medical writing question and need an explanation to help me study.


Section a

1.) Compare and contrast the need and purpose of creating a project charter before creating a workflow redesign.

2.) Evaluate the importance of health information exchanges and interoperability in terms of the deployment of the Nationwide Heath Information Network in the United States.

3.) The discussion questions revolve around the IBM Watson case deploying cognitive computing software in an oncology unit for support of clinical and research purposes found on page 635-639 of your textbook. Read the case study and answer the following questions.

What are the big data under consideration in this scenario an how do you see those data being used by IBM Watson to generate value?

4.) Evaluate and justify how data mining helps in workflow design.

5.) A mother with a new set of female twins learns of a genetic test that can be done to determine if the children are carriers of the gene for breast cancer. She submits the sample to the company, receives the results in 2 weeks, and learns that one twin is at risk while the other is not. The mother takes this information to the infants’ pediatrician and asks for further testing on the child with the increased susceptibility and wants to know if preventative treatment can begin now. The mother also enters this information as patient-generated data which has created several red flags in the electronic record’s decision support system. The clinical staff are concerned since the patient with the risk for breast cancer is only weeks old. Answer the following questions regarding this case:

  1. How would you handle this situation from an ethical perspective?
  2. How will the mother having this knowledge about the infants affect the way they will be treated developmentally, medically, socially, and economically?
  3. Should there be restrictions on the age of individuals receiving genetic testing through companies of questionable reputation?

6.) How will HIT and informatics roles be impacted by nanotechnology and nanomedicine?

7.) Evaluate the Leapfrog Group an employer base safety initiative and determine if this strategy facilitates safe effective use of technology to improve care. Defend your analysis.

8.) A group of family practice physicians within an Accountable Care Organization are questioning the need to have eMeasures and an eCQM program implemented. What information should the informatics nurse use to persuade these providers to participate willingly?

Section B

1.) Determine a work area in your organization that you would like to use for assignments in this course. Focusing on one area will help you organize your work for any future assignment.

  1. Construct a presentation using PowerPoints® with voice over and create a twelve-step project charter for your workflow redesign. This should be about a health care system component (Example of a system component could be the admission process into an emergency room) and frame the project in a quality-improvement modality by establishing a plan for improvement. In your text book page 228-229 list the twelve questions that must be answered for this assignment.
  2. Construct a PowerPoint® presentation of a workflow design for the same health care system component using appropriate Yourdon symbols and conventions.
  3. Include these steps to create your workflow redesign:
    1. identify process to be mapped;
    2. identify and involve individuals who perform the tasks;
    3. map the current state; assess current state workflow;
    4. identify opportunities for improvement;
    5. identify data to measure redesign outcomes;
    6. map future “to be” process; test new workflows and processes;
    7. train on new workflows and processes;
    8. go live with the new workflows and processes;
    9. and analyze data and refine workflows and processes

The PowerPoints® should include a title page, the twelve-step project charter and then your workflow redesign for the same health care component, then a reference page.

2.) Write a minimum 500-word APA essay that describes the overall process problem being addressed in your process map. Create a process map by using the same health care system component used in your Module One assignment. Once the map is created identify what type of map it is, add a title to the map and one paragraph illustrating what the overall process problem is being solved.

Within a process map, distinct shapes are used for different purposes; for example, a rectangle denotes a process, a diamond is used where a decision needs to be made, and arrows indicate movement from one step to another. Oval shape is used to illustrate the beginning and end of a process. Rectangular shape is considered a process box. This is the action that needs to be done at that step in the process, for example, collect data, analyze data, or use a form. The diamond demonstrates decision points. Multiple directions (yes/no) to illustrate distinct pathways based on which option occurs. Directional arrows help the user follow the flow of the process. It is helpful to keep the arrows going in the same directions as much as possible to simplify the map. A process box is a place where there are multiple steps that need to be further defined. Two kinds of process maps: Basic, cross-functional or swim lane format. Basic is simple, illustrates the decisions, starting and end points, and processes. It has a maximum number of steps with a limited number of options. Cross-functional or swim lane format have more than fifteen steps and/or a need for separate rows (swim lanes) for different disciplines or parallel activities. Examples are listed in the textbook on page 529, Figure 21.3 and page 532, Figure 21.6. For this assignment do not submit an organizational chart which is a process map but only identifies reporting structures and hierarchy. They demonstrate who reports to whom and do not have define steps.

3.) This assignment consist of two parts.

Part A

  1. Access the Konstanz Information Miner tool at the KNIME web site
  2. Review the information about the KNIME Analytics Platform.
  3. Answer the following questions:
  1. How could this platform be used to analyze health care data?
  2. What benefits does this software have in comparison to commercial products that have similar functionality and use?

Part B

  1. Access the journal article by Raghupathi, W., Raghupathi, V., (2014) Big data analytics in healthcare: promise and potentialHealth Information Science and Systems 2(3), 1-10
  2. Read the article and define the 4 “Vs” of big data analytics in health care and give an example of each.

Combine your findings writing a 5 page paper using APA format. The title page and reference page is not included in the page count.

4.) Write a 5 page paper using APA format answering the following questions:

Data mining helps in workflow design in hospitals and can uncover relationships that are hidden in the complexity of multiple processes.

  1. Explain what relationships would be helpful to the nurse administrator in making quality improvement decisions.
  2. Why is it important for the nurse executive to work closely with the advanced analytics professional?
  3. What is data governance and how and who will monitor?

5.) Access the web site: Policy Issues in Genomics

Read about the various considerations within the sections of webpage.

Answer the following questions:

    1. How are ethical considerations being addressed?
    2. What additional ethical issues can you think of that are not discussed on this page? List and explain two issues.
    3. Access the Informed Consent section. How are ethical issues addressed on this form?

Other questions to be addressed:

  1. How do you envision that genomics and personalized medicine will change the landscape of health care?
  2. Evaluate the complexity of the technical issues related to managing and utilizing genomic data as discussed in chapter 24.
  3. Without discrimination as the framework, preventive medicine and wellness models may desire genetic testing in adults to identify genetic diseases before they cause symptoms. Outline the considerations for the shifts in health care delivery caused by personalized medicine including the management of personalized data.

Write a 5 page paper using APA format to answer the questions. Title page and reference page are not considered in the paper total.


  1. Access the web site. Click on Nanotechnology 101 and read about, what it is and how it works. Then click on Nanotechnology and You and review the 6 subsections.
  2. After reading and studying information about nanotechnology, outline a research study question that measures the impact of nanotechnology in health information technology.
  3. Case Study. Find the case study on page 608, Chapter 25, of your textbook and answer the following questions.
    1. How would you use the bioethical checklist recommended by Bennett and Naranja to address this situation? (SeeBennett, M. G., & Naranja, R. J. (2013). Getting nano tattoos right – a checklist of legal and ethical hurdles for an emerging nanomedical technology. Semantic Scholar.
    2. What ethical principles are at play within this scenario?
    3. How might you educate the patient on what nanotechnology is and how it works to alleviate concerns?
    4. What common treatments for smoking cessation and cardiac disease might you use to compare the tattoo treatment to and to explain how nanotechnology works?

Write a 5 page paper using APA format to answer the questions. Title page and reference page are not in the paper total.

7.) Complete the both sections of this assignment and compose your answers in a 5 page essay using APA format and include a title page and reference page which is not part of your total page number.

Access the web site. Review this web page before clicking and downloading the Clinical Communication guide. Answer the following question:

  1. How many phases are assessed?
  2. Who should complete the self-assessment and evaluate potential health IT-related patient safety risks?
  3. How many recommended action steps are involved?
  4. What is the role of the informatics nurse when using this guide?

After reading in your text book (pages 509-510) and learning about incorrect orders being placed on patient electronic records caused by inactivated alerts the Administrator of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) has asked the informatics nurse to investigate TeamSTEPPS for the practice. After accessing the web site: create an action plan to implement TeamSTEPPS in this practice.

8.1)A group of family practice physicians are having issues meeting stage 2 of meaningful use because the staff forget to provide patients with information on accessing the portal. The staff complain that they don’t have enough time to go over the process with the patients and the printed information is stacked in the utility room. Which quality improvement process should the nurse leader use to analyze this issue?

Access the web site: and
Read about the Quality Payment Programs and EHR Incentives.

Then select up-to-date information available for CQM Reporting options and answer the following questions:

  1. What information is the eCQM Library?
  2. Using the educational resources available, how can the nurse leader use these resources when participating in the design of the eCQM program?

Include both topics in a 1200-1500 word APA essay, using a minimum or 4 scholarly sources to support your perspective.

The title page and reference pages are not part of the page total.

8.2)Please consider how you have developed the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable your achievement of the Course Goals listed in the syllabus. Then write a minimum of a 1000 word APA-style essay reflecting on how this course has helped you achieve these goals.