Benchmark Assignment—Final Strategic Plan And Presentation

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Benchmark Assignment—Final Strategic Plan And Presentation

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The Organization I have chosen is the MAYO CLINIC, the program we will be adding is Healthcare  Literacy and Advocacy Center.

Implementation (Word Count 850 minimum)

  • Determine the potential barriers you anticipate and how you plan to overcome them.
  • Create a plan for communicating your plan to all the organization’s employees.
  • Describe market entry strategy and the procedure you plan to use to implement your strategic plan.
  • Choose methods and strategies to support implementation processes.

Evaluation and Control (Word Count 850 minimum)

  • Determine what measurement guidelines should be used to verify strategy effectiveness.
  • Explain when you would consider altering the strategic plan you have suggested if implementation does not go according to plans.
  • Determine what tolerance range should be in place that would call for corrective action if exceeded.
  • Determine what corrective action you would need to make if the organization’s performance fell outside the tolerance range.

Conclusion (Word Count 250 minimum)

Write a conclusion for the final section of Strategic Plan.

Cite In-Text at least 5 overall peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your information for Week 6 and add combined Reference page to the Final Strategic Plan.

Format your plan according to APA guidelines for Master’s Degree Academic Writing. Include an introduction, reference page and conclusion.