Being a business student Discussion Responses to Peers help

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Being a business student Discussion Responses to Peers help

Nursing homework help

Being a business student Discussion Responses to Peers help
Being a business student Discussion Responses to Peers help



  • Include a link to an advertisement related to your area of academic or professional interest that you have observed recently.
  • Discuss how several of the persuasive techniques and fallacies apply to the ad.
Post #1:

Being a business student, every advertised product for business comes in my academic interest. Advertising is meant to be persuasive in order to sell a product and the more appealing they are the better, even if they aren’t true.Whenever I have to point out the persuasive techniques in the ad, I remember advertisements of the ‘Fair and lovely cream’. The cream promised to give its consumers fairer and brighter looks and targeted to women. I remember this ad, where a graduated dusky girl is mocked for her appearance and rejected in a job interview. After using that cream she became fairer and later cracked her interview.

This ad tries to convey that the only thing which matters and which should matter in a girl is her skin color. Products like this constantly make people ashamed of their originality and tries to prove that no other abilities, talent, academic qualification matters. The only thing required for success is the fair skin and this is a true fallacy. “

Post #2:

“I have been in healthcare for the last twenty years, and so I wanted to use a healthcare related advertisement. This ad makes me laugh every time I see it. It is about being able to access healthcare from anywhere even at home for convenience. The advertisement uses a reference to a familiar movie to attract people and gain their attention to the ad. The song helps build trust in the ad and makes you want to watch. I would say probably some false advertisement,  you would not be able to be seen over the computer at home with the kind of fall she took, she would have possible fractures and need xrays. The ad should give a list of some acute type illness that you could be seen for. All in all it is a good ad it catches your attention and it stays with you it is not easily forgotten. “