Behavioral style perspective to leadership

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Behavioral style perspective to leadership

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In the early 20th century, rural areas of China experienced deplorable health conditions. Due to extreme poverty and lack of access to adequate medical care, nearly 80% of China’s population, the percentage living in rural areas, teetered on the verge of death. In an attempt to solve the public health crisis, the Chinese government commissioned doctors, known as “barefoot doctors.” These doctors used specific behaviors that connected to and were understood by residents in the community. With specific behaviors that shaped a style of leadership, these doctors educated rural residents on basic healthcare practices. Although “barefoot,” these doctors projected a wealth of knowledge, leading others to better health and a better way of life (Valentine, 2005).

For this Discussion, select an article depicting a behavioral perspective to public health leadership. Think about particular strengths and limitations


Post a (2 page) explanation of the behavioral perspective reflected in the article you selected (LINKE TO ARTICLE LISTED BELOW). Then explain the strengths and limitations of this perspective. Finally, explain how this perspective you selected relates to both Trait Theory and the Skills Approach. Please use the following headings: (2 PAGES, APA FORMAT, 3-4 REFERENCES)

  • Article & Behavioral Perspective
  • Strengths & Limitations
  • Relationship to Trait Theory
  • Relationship to Skills Theory