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The population of patient’s used in this article was frail elderly patients that use ambulatory assistive devices and frail elderly patients that don’t use an assistive devise (Cruz et al., 2019). They separated each group of patients and checked in the last 6 months how many times the patient had fallen (Cruz et al., 2019). The patients were all tested in a serious of test to be able to note the comparisons. To conclude the study the results showed that when the patient doesn’t use the AAD they are more at risk to fall than those who do (Cruz et al., 2019). The study was done to be able to identify if there is a way to give these fail patients a safer living matter. The study was done by conducting two different types of groups and being able to request information from those who are constantly caring for the patients. It was found that most patients with out using AAD are more at risk for medical problems such as fractures that can even lead to death. I will apply this in my practice setting by being able to help properly teach patients how to use these assistive devices to be able to decrease the number of elderly falls. The quantitative used in this study was the amount of falls the frail elderly patient’s had in a 6-month time frame (Cruz et al., 2019).

Cruz, A. de O., Santana, S. M. M., Costa, C. M., Gomes da Costa, L. V., & Ferraz, D. D. (2020). Prevalence of falls in frail elderly users of ambulatory assistive devices: A comparative study. Disability & Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, 15(5), 510–514.

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The number of Americans in the United states has been increasing tremendously. Palliative care can be receiving at any stage of an illness. Palliative care goals is to relieve of suffered patients and their families of treatment physical and spiritual symptoms experienced by the patients.

The survey was used to compared and contrast the relationship of communication with nurses and family. In this model assessing the family -centered care. Between the interprofessional team with the patient outcomes. It was discovered a mutual relationship. The analysis that was used in this experiment was ANOVA and the Spearman rho study to show the assessment of nurses’ relationships can impact the patient levels of comfort (Deakin et al .., 2020).

This study demonstrates by forming a mutual relationship with patient can improve the outcomes of care and positive ways. According to research, study was put into place to assess level of experienced nurses for caring for terminally patients. The results have shown 11 -15 years of more high levels of experiences are more comfortable taking care of the palliative patients. As opposed, to less experience nurses were seeming to struggle of how to properly approach and care for the terminally patients.

I want to apply this study into my future practice and to seek mentors to help me to adjust into the environment to provide the best quality of care.

After reading this article, I learned the more experiences you have. The better you are able to form a rapport relationship with patients. This article emphasizes the importance of quantitative research methods that ca be used such has purpose, discussion and results.


Deakin, J., Gillespie, B. M., Chaboyer, W., Nieuwenhoven, P., & Latimer, S. (2020). An education intervention care bundle to improve hospitalised patients’ pressure injury prevention knowledge: A before and after study. Wound Practice & Research, 28(4), 154–