Assignment 2 outsourcing federal healthcare

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Assignment 2 outsourcing federal healthcare

Assignment 2 outsourcing federal healthcare
Assignment 2 outsourcing federal healthcare


Early in their existence, many businesses handle their activities internally. As businesses mature and grow, they often find competitive advantage in the specialization provided by outside firms. This trend is particularly frequent in industries such as information technology (IT) and healthcare.

The U.S. federal government delivers healthcare through its two main insurance programs: Medicare and Medicaid. In these programs, private healthcare providers are reimbursed by government insurers for health services delivered to insured citizens.

  • Visit the Web sites of Medicare and Medicaid programs for more information about them.
  • Review the article, Outsourcing: Assessing the Risks and Benefits for Organizations, Sectors, and Nations” by Harland, Knight, Lamming, and Walker (2005). The conceptual framework in this article shows how corporate strategy is influenced by regulation under the decision node of policy issues (p. 844).

Based on your analysis of the article and the Web sites, address the following:

  • Identify the main stakeholders in the US federal healthcare system. In your view, what are their respective goals, wants, and needs with regard to public health?
  • Analyze the current status faced by the federal government in terms of the strategy being used in its healthcare system.
    • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the strategy as well as opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) present in the external environment.
    • Propose a new policy to be implemented for optimizing the use of outsourcing in healthcare services to private hospitals and healthcare practices in order to provide medical services to the bulk of the US population. This policy should include the following objectives:
        • Lowering costs of the program to reduce federal spending
        • Providing highest quality treatment for the insured
        • Providing consumer-oriented choice
        • Lowering treatment costs for consumers
  • Based on your proposal of a new policy, describe the benefits for at least one stakeholder group you identified in the first question. Discuss how your outsourcing strategy objectives satisfy the wants and needs of the specific stakeholder(s).
  • Explain the likely outcomes of the outsourcing policy you recommended. Which stakeholder group benefits the most and which benefits the least? What are the strategic tradeoffs implied by your outsourcing recommendation?