Assessment 4

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Assessment 4

Nursing homework help

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Author Name

Identify the gap (difference between the current state and desired state

How was the gap identified?

Why is improvement needed? Why is this important/meaningful?

Project Team

AIM Statement

Planned Intervention

Next Steps/Lessons Learned

Proposed intervention.

Who will be involved in implementation

Process for implementation including when, where, and how.

Potential effects on population/process

Include your AIM Statement for your Project Charter.

The specific goals you intend to accomplish (SMART objective)

Who will benefit

What will be done

Where the change will occur


Impact on the population/process

Data Management Plan

Describe the data management plan including:

What data will be collected.

Who will collect the data

When it will be collected

Storage and protection of the data collected

Interpretation of the data and its utilization

.Be creative in designing your poster. Use graphics, pictures, charts, colors, etc. and create a professional and engaging poster that showcases your work.

Gap Analysis

List team members, stakeholders, sponsor, including the team leader and their roles/contribution to the project (Why they were selected)

What do you anticipate as the next 2-3 steps if you were going to implement this change?

What is your anticipated outcome of the planned intervention? How will you know if it is successful?

What lessons did you learn via this process?

Problem Statement

Include your problem statement (1-2 sentences).

Focus on one specific are that can be realistically solved

Identify the effect on the population or process