Applying technology within our career fields 3

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Applying technology within our career fields 3

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It’s time to put together all of the concepts we have been learning throughout our course! This final project should be delivered as a 5-7 page, APA formatted essay paper. You should provide a title page and reference page. A minimum of 4 scholarly resources should be incorporated to support your claims.

Project Instructions:

Step 1:

Introduction – Choose ONE of the following course objectives as it correlates with your current or future career field. “Health Information Management Career Field”

1.Determine the pros and cons of utilizing technology overall within society.

2.Explore the benefits and challenges associated with technological advancements in the workplace including relationships between different generations.

3.Evaluate how technological advancements play a role in governance and laws which have been/will be created as a result of those advancements.

4.Analyze the role ethics has within the healthcare field as technological developments impact society

5.Recommend avenues in which technology can provide the opportunity to maintain one’s cultural norms, traditions, and overall connections within society as technological advances continue into the future.

6.Critique how the internet, social media, and networking play a role in society.

Provide an introduction briefly summarizing why the objective chosen is applicable to your current or future career field. Conclude your introduction with your thesis statement. This statement should clarify why it is important to consider technological advancements with your career.

Step 2:

Body – Address the following questions relating to the chosen objective.

1.Share at least two pros and two cons you currently recognize in utilizing technology within your career field.

2.Explain how future technological developments will impact your position in this career. These developments could be positive or negative.

3.Provide possible avenues or opportunities you will explore and/or participate in to overcome potential roadblocks experienced as a result of technological developments within your career.

4.Consider how those future technological developments will impact society OUTSIDE of your career field.

At least one scholarly resource should be incorporated addressing each of these key questions.

Step 3:

Conclusion – Restate your thesis.

oThis means that you say about the same thing as you did in your thesis, but you say it differently.

oAfter stating your thesis, restate the topics from each of your body sections and emphasize what is important for your audience/readers to remember.

oEnd your conclusion with a call to action that illustrates what your audience/readers should do with the information you presented.

Step 4:

References – On a separate reference page, list all the references you have cited in your paper to support your claims.