Applying and Sharing Evidence

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Applying and Sharing Evidence (graded)

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I found the whole article interesting. In my current practice we have several surveillance cameras throughout the facility.  No matter what the environment, surveillance cameras would be beneficial for staff and patients, especially those with cognitive impairments. The surveillance cameras can help staff prioritize and assist each other during the shift. Though they state that having the cameras will avoid unnecessary disruption to the residents, while they are asleep, my fear is that they would get comfortable and round less due to having the cameras. (Emilsson, 2023)

What I took away from this article is that when searching for new equipment or a new program to implement is to take your time in conducting your research in the product or service. Ensure that all possible needs will be covered, such as training and technical support. How this improves the nursing process is because the system had some issues and support was not offered on site, this took the floor staff away from their patients because they had to spend so much time on the phone with the company trying to resolve the issues that came up. One thing to keep in mind is that the cameras are a tool and should not be solely relied on for all aspects of patient care.

How I would disseminate the information is to create a “job aid” which is a cheat sheet with screen shoots about the policy or change in procedure. But this would only be after testing the program and making sure there was a couple staff members who are comfortable with it and can provide assistance when we move to implementation and send communication out to the staff. There are 10 steps to effetely disseminating information, each equally important. Though it is considered the last step, but while implementing a new process it is critical to constantly evaluate the product and staff response. (Ross-Hellauer et al., 2020)

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