Application Paper

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Application Paper

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Application Paper: “What Makes a Top 100 Hospital?” Your assignment is to visit the website of one of the top 100 hospitals on the list in this link: Top 20 out of Top 100 Hospitals (Links to an external site.). After reviewing the hospital and health system and analyzing its services and organizational structure, you are to write a 500–1,000 word (two to four pages) paper on what you feel has made this facility a top 100 hospital. All papers must be submitted in the APA format, which includes title page and reference page, with APA-formatted references. In the Files section, you will find additional Application Paper information for this assignment.

The Grading Rubric for this assignment is as follows.

Title Page                               5%

Content (quality)                    75%

APA Formatting (body)          10%

References                            5%]

References Formatted           5%

Total                                   100%