Apa style paper

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Apa style paper

Nursing homework help

PART 1 (about 2-3 paragraphs)

After reviewing the Dr. Cameron scenario, answer the following questions:

  • What do you see as the ethical issues of this case?
  • Find and describe an ethical decision-making approach or model from the textbook that you would use to help make your decision?
  • What would you do if you were Dr. Cameron and why would you do it?

Dr. Cameron Scenario:

Shantell Johnson just heard from her coach that several college scouts, who are ready to award scholarships, have inquired about her and said they will be at the upcoming championship game. Receiving a scholarship will make Shantell the first person in her family with the opportunity to go to college. Unfortunately Chantel injured her right knee during the summer semi finals and the schools athletic trainer said she cannot play in the championship game because of possible further, irreversible damage. Shantell scheduled an appointment with Dr. Cameron.

Dr. Lisa Cameron is Shantell‘s primary care physician and she specializes in sports medicine.

She reviews the results from Shantell’s recent MRI to see what kind of damage has occurred.

Dr. Cameron confirms the athletic director‘s concerns. Shantell most definitely injured her right knee and, in fact tore her and anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. Playing in another game could cause further damage to articular cartilage and menisci.

Shantell pleads with Dr. Cameron for a note to clear her for the championship game because she has a lot riding on the game for her and her family. She tells Dr. Cameron that if she is old enough to join the military and risk her life fighting for this country, then she is mature enough to make this decision. Shantell promises to wear a knee brace during the championship game and afterwards she will take it easy until her ACL heals completely.


Controversial Paper

For your signature assignment, you will submit a two- to three-page paper on a controversial topic as it relates to ethics in a healthcare organization. You will need to provide at least two arguments for and at least two arguments against your selected topic. The final paper should be in APA Style format with a minimum of four peer-reviewed sources to support your argument.

Select one of the following controversial healthcare issues: Roe v. Wade, DNR, euthanasia, hospice, stem cell research, human enhancements through genetic engineering, surrogacy, in-vitro fertilization, or another controversial healthcare topic approved by your instructor.