Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

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For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography of resources related to your selected topic. This paper is not a formal paper but is structured as more of an outline. A title page and a reference page in APA style are required.

For this assignment, please follow these instructions:

· Research and choose articles that discuss and examine a specific health policy that relates to your selected health issue.

· The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to select the most relevant articles (research or evidence-based) from a peer reviewed and reliable journal or source.

· Do  not cite or use a website for this assignment.

· Please note: A website is not considered an article. If you select a peer reviewed article published on a web site, use the correct citation. (See section 6.31 and 6.32 of your APA manual.)

· Select five (5) articles from peer-reviewed journals that relate to your chosen issue and specific policy.

· Reference each article in proper APA format and include the following information underneath each reference:

· For each article write:

· 3 -5 sentence summary of the article

· 2 sentences about the purpose of the article

· 2 sentences why the article is credible for your topic

· 2 sentences explaining how you could use the article in your final project

Each annotated bibliography entry should be 250 words. Do not copy/paste the abstract for this assignment.

For an example of an annotated bibliography, please see the  OWL website (Links to an external site.) .