Allied health healthcare law and ethics 1

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Allied health healthcare law and ethics 1

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Allied health healthcare law and ethics 1
Allied health healthcare law and ethics 1

II. Answer the following questions which pertains to the article titled Scariest Hospital Risks.

SOURCE: Access this article in this week’s Module.

1. The non-profit organization, ______________________, which was chartered by the United States National Academy of Sciences, estimated that at the minimum each year ______________ patients in America are victims of hospital based medical errors.

2. List at least six reasons which this article sites that contributed to medical mistakes, do not include any specific mistakes on individuals who were mentioned in the article.

3. What medical mistake was made by the staff at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on the actor, Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins? What surgical mistake was made on the comedian, Dana Carvey?

4. According to this article, the core problem in hospitals is __________________. Provide at least two specific solutions for this core problem which was proposed by the Boston University researcher, Eugene Litvak.

5. This article cited that between ______________ and _______________ people die every year because of medical mistakes.

6. Since the above figures were presented approximately seven years ago, use the Internet to find information and statistics for the number of deaths from medical errors in the United States for either 2015 or 2016. Cite the source where you obtained this information; include the organization who whose research provided the data, the date of the findings and the website.