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In the first two Discussions, you identified a vulnerable or marginalized population for whom you can determine an issue that could be addressed through engaging in policy advocacy. Now it is time to present this advocacy area with evidence to support and defend your selection. Such an understanding helps explain how healthy cell activity contributes to good health. Just as importantly, it helps explain how breakdowns in cellular behavior cells lead to health issues.

For this Assignment, you will explain and defend your selected advocacy issue. Using evidence and experience, you will determine the advocacy issue most important to your practice and organization. Why are you selecting this issue? Why is this an area of high need? How might this area be improved with policy? What can you do to advocate for this area of need?

Select an issue you find most important, and then defend your position in a persuasive paper.

Submit a 1-page persuasive argument defending why you selected the advocacy issue to move forward with as your priority in this course.

Support—with evidence—why this advocacy issue is most important, and how it might be mitigated or eliminated through policy. Consider how this issue might set your policy agenda.

Reminder: The College of Nursing requires that all papers submitted include a title page, introduction, summary, and references. The Walden Writing Center Sample Paper provides an example of those required elements (available at  Links to an external site. ). All papers submitted must use this formatting.