Abstract Assignment

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Abstract Assignment

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To account for peer review, I am combining the Thesis Statement and Abstract assignments. Your thesis is worth 100 points of this assignment. Please make sure that it’s clear. You can even label it “Thesis: Text.” Your Abstract text will account for the other 100 points of this assignment.

Thesis Statement

Students will take the research topic identified earlier in the semester and the scholarly information to create a thesis statement. An effective statement will be one or two sentences and will capture your position on the research topic or makes a claim directly answering a question. A thesis helps to keep your topic and writing focused. The thesis should be clear and as specific as possible and show your position on the topic and how to evaluate/analyze the issue.


Students will submit a single-spaced, one paragraph that will detail the thesis and a proposed way of approaching the research topic. This will allow the reader to quickly grasp the purpose before diving into the research paper (which will not be completed in this course). The abstract should include the following:

Purpose and thesis statement

Proposed methods to address the problem

Possible conclusions that could result

Significance of the research topic and how the results could impact the community/population