6050 Week 7 Discussion 1

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6050 Week 7 Discussion 1

Discussion 1: Evidence Base in Design

When politics and medical science intersect, there can be much debate. Sometimes anecdotes or hearsay are misused as evidence to support a particular point. Despite these and other challenges, however, evidence-based approaches are increasingly used to inform health policy decision-making regarding causes of disease, intervention strategies, and issues impacting society. One example is the introduction of childhood vaccinations and the use of evidence-based arguments surrounding their safety.

In this Discussion, you will identify a recently proposed health policy and share your analysis of the evidence in support of this policy.

 To Prepare:

  • Review the Congress website provided in the Resources and identify one recent (within the past 5 years) proposed health policy. THis link to the congress website –  https://www.congress.gov/

  • Review the health policy you identified and reflect on the background and development of this health policy.

Post a description of the health policy you selected and a brief background for the problem or issue being addressed.

-Explain whether you believe there is an evidence base to support the proposed policy and explain why.

 Be specific and provide examples.