350 700 word paper on healthcare trends rubric is attached

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350 700 word paper on healthcare trends rubric is attached

Create a Word document, according to APA foramt, using the grading rubric attached to guide you.

I. Research

Different events, shifts or trends in our health care system within the past three to five years.

II. Select

ONE current event or shift in the health care system from your research that has occurred within the past three to five years. This resource could be from a newspaper, magazine, or journal from the University Library or similar source.

III. Write

An observation paper that details the changing landscape of our health care system based on your research and selected current event or shift. BE SURE TO INCLUDE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING IN YOUR PAPER:

  • Explain the current event or shift you selected.
  • When did the change happen.
  • Describe the impact of this current event or shift on the health care system on health care consumers.
    • Remember, you, your friends, and family are health care consumers.
    • As you think about the impact to consumers identify HOW THE SHIFT /TREND FROM ACUTE CARE TO WELLNESS CARE PLAYED A ROLE IN THE SHIFT.
  • Explain your personal perception of the current event or shift you have selected.
    • Remember, it is not appropriate to share personal medical information and background but you may share examples from your own life if applicable

IV. Cite

1 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar reference.

V. Format

  • APA formatted Word Document. APA guidelines. See the APA Sample Paper. ( Must include properly formatted Title Page,page numbers, headings, conclusion, summary, reference page)
  • 350-700 words