Wit Movie reflection

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Wit Movie reflection

Wit Movie reflection
Wit Movie reflection

Nursing homework help

To further explore the concepts of death and dying and the intricate psychosocial relationship between the individual and the nurse you will watch the movie “Wit”.

After the movie you will write a reflection to summarize your reactions and relate these to psychosocial communication and attitudes of death and dying from your readings and share your personal viewpoint on the topic.

Please use the questions below as the headings for your reflection. This is informal so the use of “I statements” is acceptable.

Please include a title page and a reference page.

This should be no more than 2-3 pages (excludes title page and reference page).



1. General Description of the Movie: 1-2 paragraphs

a. the main characters, major theme of the movie, and setting


2. Role of Nurse/Communication: 3-4 paragraphs

a. What role or roles did the nurse play (at least 4 roles should be described)?

b. Are the roles consistent with being a professional nurse?

c. Was the communication by the nurse professional when dealing with the client; use supportive examples from the movie to illustrate this. Describe a min of 3 styles of therapeutic communication, describe interprofessional collaboration and communication styles (min 2).

d. Support the roles/communication you describe with the literature (at least 2 different sources from scholarly journals may include 1 citation from readings).


3. Reaction to the Movie: 2-3 paragraphs

a. Was the movie difficult to watch?

b. What emotions did the main character evoke or other characters in the film; such as, her father and others?

c. How did the character change over the course of the movie? Was it realistic?


4. Impact on Future Practice: 1 paragraph

a. How would the roles that you described impact your future practice?


5. Summary: 1-2 paragraphs

a. End with the main points that were covered and summarize any addition thoughts/reflections on death /dying/ and the nurse/client relationship.