The Managed Heart

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The Managed Heart

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The Managed Heart [ASSIGNMENT]

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The Managed Heart [Reflection Assignment]

After reviewing the summary of the book “The Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human Feeling, University of California Press (2012 [1983])” by Arlie Rochschild (See Link in Module as well as below) 20 mins recording, complete the following prompts in accordance with the to posted reflection guidelines for this course. Remember to keep submission under the 24% similarity score.

1. You have read chapter on Socialization and Socialization in Everyday Life. What did you see, hear and feel as you listened thru summary of Rochschild’s research “The Managed Heart” which is relevant case study to this chapter.

2. According to Rochschild’s work, explain the difference between A) Physical Labor and B) Emotional Labor. Support your response with an example of each from her work.

3. Why do jobs/ corporations want to control peoples emotions while they are at the workplace? According to Rochschild is this a good or harmful feature of the job place/ society? What do you think? Provide support for your response using Rochschild work.

4. Do women do more emotional managing or shadow laboring than do men? Explain and provide evidence from the audio book as to why or why not.

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5. According to Rochschild’s work, what do we learn about the presentation of self and gendered experiences of male and female in society. Are all men and women created equally and treated and respected as such in the workplace and larger society? What does Hochschild offer us to suggest and support that there is a difference and why? Explain her findings on this matter.