Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Mindfulness Interventions

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Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Mindfulness Interventions

Sociology homework help

Listen to a recording from those found at this website listed in the Learning Resources: UCLA Health. (n.d.). Free guided meditations: Quick links. https://www.uclahealth.org/marc/audio

  • Read this article listed in the Learning Resources: Garland, E. L. (2013). Mindfulness research in social work: Conceptual and methodological recommendations. Social Work Research, 37(4), 439–448. https://doi.org/10.1093/swr/svt038
  • Conduct a search in the Walden University Library or a scholarly article online for one research study about the effectiveness of mindfulness as an intervention for the client in the case study you have been using. Remember, when looking for studies, take into account your client’s age, developmental stage, and presenting problem.

Post a response to the following:

  • Describe your experience practicing this technique and how this experience influences your choice on whether to use it with a client during practice.
    • Connect your own reaction to the mindfulness exercise with how a client might respond.
    • Provide the reference for the study you found, and be sure to use citations in the body of your post using APA guidelines.
  • In 1–2 sentences, briefly summarize the methodological context (i.e., research method, how data was collected, and the instruments used) of the studies and the findings.
  • Analyze the findings in terms of their validity and applicability for the client.