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Black Sociology

Sociology homework help

(A Summary of The Structure and Process)

1. Title (10%)

The title is a brief indication of what is to be expected.

2. Abstract (20%)

The abstract describes the entire paper or project with an emphasis on that which is most important. (Typically 1-2 paragraphs or approximately 125-250 words)

3. Introduction (20%)

a. A description of the purpose of the study

b. A clearly defined research question ( if not empirical, topic may not have IV/DV. Skip to step E)

c. Clearly defined central concepts

d. Include clear measurable objectives ( if needed, topic may not have IV/DV)

e. A discussion of what has been done prior to the proposed problem

f. A discussion of what one plans to do

g. Describe the source of the idea

h. Explain why this study is important

(Typically, 2-4 paragraphs or approximately 250-500 words)

Highlighted= required.

4. Literature Review (40%)

a. An in-depth review of previous work

b. Include several articles of the last five years (not all have to be in last 5 yrs, but at least some need to be)

c. The recent articles can be supplemented with recent scholarly books and articles, but also older literature on a sparingly basis. (Refrain from textbooks or sensationalism literature) (Chapters from books can be used as well but refrain from using textbooks, encyclopedias and dictionaries)

d. Provide a logical sequence from what is known to what remains unanswered

(8-10 sources is considered appropriate with about one paragraph each; special note read at least 3 of the articles entirely; and 1 chapter from a book entirely; 8-10 paragraphs is roughly 800-1250 words or 4-5 pages double spaced)

5. Theoretical Framework (10%)

a. Provide a theory or theoretical framework that informs the literature review.

b. The same theory should also inform the research process.

(what type of theories or theoretical framework add to what your topic is or explains what your topic is about) ex: if your topic is the impression that crime is getting worse then you might want to look at labeling theories.

Think of classical conditioning and how does it explain what you have… or social strains or differential ???)

(approximately 1-2 paragraphs less, 125-250 words)